Strawberries and Basil in White Wine

December 2, 2017

We have abundant strawberries this year.  I came home from 9 days away to find the husband had squirreled a litre of strawberries into the freezer, and he sent me out to pick more my first night home.  We had strawberries for dessert, and i put another litre in the freezer.  Over the next 3 days i picked strawberries daily, and have put another 2 litres in the freezer, as well as taken some with us both nights we got invited out for dinner.  And strawberries are on the menu for dessert again tonight.  

 Picking home-grown strawberries is one of the great pleasures of summer, and the following recipe is a very simple way to enjoy them. Although the combination of basil and strawberries may sound a bit strange, it is actually rather delicious.  You can use mint in place of basil, but i think basil is nicer.  

Regarding the wine, just use whatever white wine you have to hand... i tend to use cask wine for this, since it is going to be adulterated with sugar anyway, and i'm a bit stingy when it comes to wine i am not drinking.  I've never tried it with a rose wine, but i imagine that might be quite nice.  Play around and see what you like.  I've not given specific quantities for this recipe, as it depends how many strawberries you have, and the amount of sugar you use will depend a bit on how sweet the wine you are using already is.  The amount of wine you use depends on how many strawberries you have, as you just need enough to cover the berries - so if you have a cup of strawberries, you need about two thirds of a cup of wine.

Anyway, i'll get on with the 'recipe', such as it is, because as soon as i'm finished i'm off to eat some strawberries.




white wine (or rose)

Caster sugar

Handful of basil leaves


Hull and halve the strawberries.  You want enough wine to cover the strawberries - a cup or two. Stir caster sugar into the wine until it is dissolved.  Start with a teaspoon, and add more if required - the amount of sugar you use will depend on how sweet the wine was to start with.  You want it to taste sweet, but not overly so.  Pour the wine over the berries until they are just covered. Chop the basil leaves and stir through the berries.

Refrigerate until required.  Serve with very softly whipped cream - delicious!


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