Feijoa Icecream

June 12, 2017

I'm getting to that stage of the season where i have seen enough feijoas.  However there are still a lot of feijoas to be seen at our place, as evidenced by the photo below...

The overflowing blue bucket is a 10 litre capacity bucket, and weighs 6 kilograms, so I calculate we've got close to 40 kilos of feijoas sitting in our back porch by the gumboots. And there are more to pick up every day.  So far i've made feijoa chutney, scooped out and frozen a whole heap, and given loads away.  I'm really popular at the moment, since every time i visit someone i take a couple of kilos of feijoas.  So just in case you happen to be in a similar situation to me, i thought i'd post another feijoa recipe.  This recipe came from the 'New Zealand Gardener' magazine's '2017 Garden Diary. It only uses 250g of feijoas, so doesn't go a long way towards helping me with my glut, but it is easy and tasty, and i'm guessing it will be a good way to use some of my frozen feijoas over the coming months. Like all home-made ice cream with a high fruit content, this will go quite icy (as opposed to melt-in-the-mouth-creamy) once frozen, but if you let it soften a bit before serving, or serve it with a nice hot desert to soften it up, you'll get less iciness and more creaminess.

The recipe was contributed by 'Kathy from Napier'; i've decreased the amount of sugar by quarter of a cup, but otherwise left the recipe unchanged.  

If anyone has more useful ways to use feijoas, i'd love to hear from you!


NZ Gardener 2017 Garden Diary

250 g feijoa flesh

1 egg white

3/4 cup of sugar

1 tablespoon lemon juice

300 ml of cream


Whizz the feijoa flesh, egg white, sugar and lemon juice for 3 to 4 minutes in a food processor. Whip 300ml of cream and fold the two mixtures together in a large bowl. Pour into a 2-litre ice cream container (it will be about 3/4 full) and freeze 4-5 hours until set.



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