About me

My husband and I have a lifestyle block in North Canterbury, New Zealand, where we grow lots of fruit and vegetables and have chickens, bees, a few cattle and a couple of sheep. As well as producing as much of our own food as possible, we enjoy foraging the local area for free goodies - my yearly walnut supply is collected from the local roadside trees, and we have our favourite wilding apple trees we visit each autumn.

I love food and i love cooking using fresh, seasonal ingredients. I enjoy finding new ways to use ingredients from pantry and property, and I aim to provide you with as many delicious ways as possible to use your own produce from home and garden.

Although i love vegetables and fruit, i'm not a vegetarian, and i like pretty much all food that you can make at home, so i'm not planning on confining myself to any particular food genre. Expect the odd meaty, fishy or seafoody recipe, and the occasional chocolatey confection with not a scrap of garden produce in sight. If i have cooked something and enjoyed it, i will share it with you.



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